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Headerboard develops composite wall system solution
Issue Time:2017-08-25

System composition: Jharkhand composite wall system, Hanjia plate for two panels in the middle filled with lightweight core material is a composite of non load bearing plate.

System characteristics:With solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, easy cutting, light weight, sound insulation and heat insulation properties.

Mainly used in the building of the wall, the wall and the wall, the fire wall, etc.

Can effectively reduce the occupation area of the wall, increase the practical rate of the residence, reduce the load of the structure, improve the seismic capacity and safety performance of the building, reduce the comprehensive cost, and is the best substitute of traditional solid clay brick.

Products can be arbitrarily notch, dry operation, no need of batch file, effectively promoted the construction industry from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction,realize the industrialization of residential parts production, technology and equipment modernization, scale production reduction, application and promotion of the legal system and construction equipment integration.

The introduction and application of the production technology is a new breakthrough in the reform of wall materials in China.It’s in domestic and international leading technical level. For it’s lightweight, weighing only about 35 kg / m2, but can bear the pressure of 20T/m2, and noise coefficient is equal to or more than 30dB, more than national standards.

Green environmental protection, convenient and quick construction, especially for intensive enterprise office decoration, unique free paint effect, after site clean installation, no need to do any modification, the patent keel installation technology, truly a detachable and can be recycled, recyclable, is a kind of widely used in all kinds of industrial and civil building fire partition of new materials.

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