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Zhejiang Headerboard develop super flame retardant item "Hunailk™ board"
Issue Time:2017-08-25

During past years efforts, Zhejiang Headerboard building materials Co. Ltd. successfully developed new series "Hunailk™ board" currently, reach a high level of flame retardant properties.

"Hunailk™ board" is the new green environmental protection decorative materials, it’s inorganic material with plenty of uniform and thin solid porous, thermal conductivity 0.216W/m·k. So when in fire, these pores can absorb a lot of heat, can delay the increasing of the ambient temperature, no burning and won’t producing any toxic smoke to allow an green escape exit.

County Construction Department Officer said, interior decoration materials on the market mostly are flammable materials at present, once the improper household electricity used, extremely easy to cause partial heating, causing a fire directly. In the home decoration process, citizens should have good awareness of fire prevention in the decoration materials, especially on the wall and ceiling materials choice ,preferable of fireproof performance, avoid burning when the fire spread rapidly and resulting in greater losses. "Hunailk™ board" is a good choice of the interior and ceiling materials.


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